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Numeral compounds

Numbers can be put together to form higher numbers. The semantics deviates from usual compounding in that it is not intersective. It may be additive, as in njoggentjin nine-teen 19, where the number 9 is added to the number 10. Or it is multiplicative, as in njoggenhûndert nine-hundred 900, which is nine times one hundred.

A great many complex numbers could be qualified as binumeral expressions, following the pattern of binomial expressions, biverbal expressions or biadjectival expressions. Such constructions all contain a coordinative conjunction en and. An numeral example is fjouwerentweintich twenty-four.

In the system of fractions, we also see a form of compounding, as in twafiifde two-five.SUFF 2/5, although such expressions are officially spelled as different words, hence as twa fiifde.


For expository reasons, the grammatical features of the numeral system have been presented in their totality in the part on Inflection, where also some information on compounding can be found:

  • For compounding in cardinals, see the first three sections of the topic on cardinal numbers.
  • For compounding in fractions, see the topic on fractions.

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