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3.3.Alternations of noun phrases and PPs

This section discusses verb frame alternations involving noun phrases and PPs with various syntactic functions. Section 3.3.1 starts the discussion with alternations of the type illustrated in the (a)-examples of (319), which the literature often refers to as dative shift because they involve a dative noun phrase. Sections 3.3.2 and 3.3.3 continue with alternations that involve, respectively, an accusative and a nominative noun phrase; see the (b)- and (c)-examples in (319) for illustrations.

a. Marie geeft Jandat een boek.
dative/PP alternation
  Marie gives  Jan  a book
a'. Marie geeft een boek [PP aan Jan].
  Marie gives  a book  to Jan
b. Jan behangt de muuracc met posters.
accusative/PP alternation
  Jan be-hangs  the wall  with posters
b'. Jan hangt de posters [PP op de muur].
  Jan hangs  the posters  on the wall
c. De tuinnom krioelt van de mieren.
nominative/PP alternation
  the garden  swarms  of the ants
  'The garden is swarming with ants.'
c'. Het krioelt van de mieren [PP in de tuin].
  it  swarms  of the ants  in the garden
  'The garden is swarming with ants.'
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