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Modifiers which are adverbs

There are also modifiers which are adverbs. First, there are focus modifiers, also called quantificational discourse modifiers, such as krekt precisely. An example is given below:

Krekt by de terp op gie noch wol
precisely at the mound up went yet DcP
It was precisely up the mound which was not yet a problem

Second, there are modifiers such as deun close which are particular to Adposition Phrases (PPs), more specifically, to temporal or spatial PPs (low degree modifiers). They denote a relatively low degree of distance between two points. An example is given below:

[Deun] by de tsjerke
close to the church
Close to the church

The third type includes relatively precise interval modifiers like heal halfway and midden middle. The fourth type refers more specifically to spatial body orientation such as lofts, links left and rjochts right.


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