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The prefix rot- derives nouns on the basis of nouns. It expresses disapproval of what is referred to by the base. Examples are dei day > rotdei lousy day and waar weather > rotwaar beastly weather.

[+]General properties

The prefix rot- derives nouns on the basis of other nouns. Its function is to indicate disapproval. In comparison to the prefixes ûn-, wan- en mis-, this prefix is strongly affective.

The prefix rot- is highly productive. Another prefix with almost the same function is skyt-, but the use of that prefix is more restricted.

Examples of derivations with rot- are listed below:

Table 1
Base form Derivation
fanke girl rotfanke bloody girl
heit dad rotheit bloody dad
ding thing rotding bloody thing
boek book rotboek bloody book
film film rotfilm bloody film
waar weather rotwaar beastly weather
dei day rotdei lousy day
sinten money rotsinten bloody money
wurk work rotwurk nasty work
baan job rotbaan lousy job
kop head rotkop ugly mug
smaak flavour rotsmaak nasty flavour
The origin of this prefix should be sought in the verb rotsje to rot or in its nominalization rot rot. Therefore, this prefix actually is a prefixoid.

[+]Phonological properties

The prefix is pronounced as [rɔt]. In derivations the stress is on the prefix, for example in ROTwurk nasty work.

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This topic is based on Hoekstra (1998:70).

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