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VP adverbs

Verb Phrase (VP)-adverbs can usually be used in examples such as those below. The (b) example illustrates a construction in which VP-adverbs may characteristically show up:

Example 1

a. Jildou rydt fluch nei skoalle ta
Jildou drives fast to school to
Jildou drives to school fast
b. Jildou rydt nei skoalle ta en se docht dat fluch
Jildou drives to school to and she does that fast
Jildou drives to school and she does that fast

Six subclasses of VP-adverbs can be distinguished. VP adverbs normally follow clause adverbs: mannerfluch quickly, timebetiid early, frequencyfolle much, placehjir here, degreefreeslik awfully, and preferencegraach eagerly. Besides that, the position of VP adverbs with respect to clause adverbs plays a role.


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