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Superlative + mooglik possible

Superlatives can be postmodified by the word mooglik possible.


Superlatives can be postmodified by the word mooglik possible, as shown below:

a. It koartst-e paad
the shortest-DEF path
The shortest path
b. It koartst mooglike paad
the shortest possible-DEF path
The shortest possible path

In such examples, the superlative is not the syntactic head of the attributive Adjective Phrase (AP), but the adjective mooglik possible is, at least with respect to agreement, seeing that agreement targets the adjective mooglik possible, not the superlative. The combination of superlative and mooglik possible is also found in predicative position, but only if the superlative is accompanied by the common article, the neuter article is excluded:

a. Dy rûte is de koartst mooglik-e
that.CG way is the.CG shortest possible.NE
That is the shortest possible way
b. *Dy rûte is it koartst mooglik
That is the shortest possible way

The adjective mooglik possible can occasionally be replaced with the adjective tinkber conceivable, which is shown in the examples below:

a. De bêst mooglike oplossing
the best possible solution
The best possible solution
b. De bêst tinkbere oplossing
the best thinkable solution
The quite possible best solution

Mooglik possible can also be premodified by adjectives preceded by sa so:

In sa fluch mooglike rûte
an as fast possible way
The fastest possible way
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