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6 Predication of APs

A predication involves an Adjective Phrase (AP) that is predicated of an argument. The adjectival predicate does not exhibit agreement with the argument which it is predicated of. A predication is also referred to in the literature as a small clause. The relation between predicate and argument may be modified by the outer structure containing them. An example of a predication is provided below:

[Jo häbe] dät fain fluch in Huus.
they have it very nice in house
Their house is very beautiful from the inside.

In this example, the outer structure of the predication has been bracketed. In the inner structure (in bold), the adjective is predicated of the dummy object pronoun.


Predications can be classified and investigated according to the syntactic and semantic type of their outer structure, as discussed in the following topics:

Predications can also be investigated depending on other characteristic aspects, as discussed in the following topics:

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