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Of all the inflectional systems in Frisian, the verbal system is the most extended and complicated. Three, relatively long, topics are dedicated to this subject. The first is about the general categories that are relevant to the inflection of verbs. One issue here is how categories like tense, mood, voice, aspect are expressed. Of immediate importance are the variables person and number. This is also the topic in which the various forms of the verb, like finite verbs, infinitives and participles, are described.

The other topics directly deal with verbal inflection itself. Most Frisian verbs are inflected in a regular manner, although it should be kept in mind that two different classes of weak verbs can be distinguished. Furthermore, complications like stem alternations and cases of reinforcement may also be observed.

The longest topic is on the verbs that inflect in an irregular manner. These consist of the traditional strong verbs, but Frisian also has a considerable stock of irregular weak verbs, and some minor categories have their own peculiarities. The topic is closed with a list of the Frisian strong and irregular verbs, in which all the deviating forms are listed.


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