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Cardinals do not themselves bear agreement, and this includes the numeral ien one. The numeral ien one can be shown to trigger strong agreement on following adjectives.


Numerals do not systematically end in schwa, as ordinals do. Agreement following the cardinal ien one can be shown to be strong.

Example 1

a. Ien lyts mûdhûn-tsje
one small.NG tench.DIM
One small tench
b. Ien lyts-e mûdhûn
one small.CG tench
One small tench

Other cardinals are followed by adjectives ending in schwa, including nul zero. It cannot be seen whether weak or strong agreement is involved as the difference is only visible in the neuter singular, whereas these cardinals select plural nouns:

Example 2

Nul / twa / seis lytse mûdhûn-tsje-s
zero two six small tench.DIM.PL
Zero / two / six small tenches