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1.2.1 The listing of postpositions

Postpositions mostly combine with Adpositional Phrases, but occasionally they combine with NPs. It is hard to determine whether some examples involve a complex postposition or a postposition selecting a postpositional phrase. The basic meaning of postpositions is not locational in a stative sense, but they are directional. Hence we have pairs of contraries like the following:

Bie de Bierich hooch un deel.
at the hill up and down
Up and down the hill.

Here that the preposition just indicates the location, whereas the postpositon specifies the direction. However, it may be the case that only a preposition or a postposition is present. Nevertheless, there is at least a strong correlation between postpositions and the semantics of directionality. The verb can also be used to express the notion of directionality.


Below is an alphabetic list of the basic postpositions of Saterland Frisian. Example sentences have been added in order to illustrate their use.

Table 1
An Fon mien Bäidenstied ap an. Since my childhood.
  Do Studenten troangen juun do Dregunere an. The students charged at the policemen.
  Fon Sundai an. From Sunday onward.
Deel Do geen hie fluks ap Jesus deel.. Then he went quickly up to Jezus.
  Jo knäiden foar him deel They knelt down before him.
  Jo kemen mädnunner dän Toal andeel. They came down the threshing floor together.
  Do Jungere lieten dän Paulus an ju Stäädmure biedeel. The disciples lowered Paul down the city wall.
  Ju koom ap mie deelsätten. She went down to me.
Herum (interference from German) Uum do twintich herume. Around twenty years old.
Hooch Hie lopt bie de Trappe hooch. He walks up the stairs.
Ien Ju ron bäte him ien. She walked behind him, following him.
  Ju skreeuwt bäte uus ien. She screams after us, following us.
  Die Wiend wait tou dän Skossteen ien. The wind blows into the chimney.
Inne Uus Babe siet bäte sien Oarbaidere inne. Our dad was on the back of his workmen.
Juun Iek häbe niks ap dän Foarsleek juun. I have nothing against the proposal.
Loangs An ju Äi loangs lope. Walk along the Äi.
  Wie ronnen bäte de Huze loangs. We ran behind the houses.
  Ju gungt dän Sloot bieloangs. She walks along the ditch.
  Du koast bie mie loangs kume. You can pass me / visit me.
Uur Juun uus uur. Opposite us.
  Hie siet uus juunuur. He sat opposite us.
Uut Hie is tou de Skoule uut / ute. He is out of school.
  Hie is uus foaruut. He is ahead of us.
Wäch In aan Tuur wäch. In one go.
  Bie Gehlenberch wäch. Out of (from) Gehlenberch.
Wai Ap Bremen wai. To Bremen.
  Ätter Huus wai. Home
  Ju Sträite lopt ätter dät Määrked wai. The street leads to the market square.
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