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Infinitival clauses as noun complements

The clausal complement may be infinitival in which it tends to have a subjunctive character. The clausal complement may either be Verb-Final or Verb-Initial, depending on the choice of complementiser.


A noun may take an infinitival clausal complement. Nouns taking an infinitival complement are characteristically nouns denoting requests, wishes, and so on. This may be related to the fact that infinitival clauses introduced by the preposition om to tend to have a subjunctive, non-factive, character. Two examples are given below:

a. Dit gee my die idee om om te draai en die helikopter te gaan haal.
it give me the idea to for.COMP around PTCL.INF turn and the helicopter PTCL.INF go get
It gave me the idea to turn around to go and get the helicopter.
b. Ons het DBO versoek om dringende aandag aan die saak te skenk.
we have.AUX DBO request for.COMP urgent attention on the matter PTCL.INF pay
We have requested DBA to pay urgent attention to the matter.
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