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The construction investigated here has the form of a superlative containing an internal idiomatic Noun Phrase (NP) argument that contains an adjective.


This construction has the form of an NP, in which the semantic predicate is contained.

Example 1

Eric is de rimpene kant neist
Eric is the rash side closest
Eric is closest to being rash

The constructional frame consists of the idiomatically fixed superlative adjective neist closest. This idiomatic adjective takes an internal NP argument consisting of the idiomatically fixed noun kant side. The adjective attributed of this idiomatic noun is the free variable inside this idiomatic construction. The combination of neist closest and its internal argument is mainly used as a complement in a predication construction, but it is also used as an apposition.

Example 2

a. Hy wie altyd al de ûnferskillige kant neist
he was always DCP the indifferent side closest
He always was closest to being indifferent
b. Hiel wat reisber folk, de sunige en as it slim kaem de deune kant neist
quite some traveling people the thrifty and if it bad came the stingy side closest
Quite a lot of traveling folks, thrifty and if things went badly, even stingy