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Selecting a present participle

Modals marginally select present participles denoting a kind of movement.


The following examples illustrate that modals do not generally select present participles:

Example 1

a. *Foppe woe fuotbaljende
Foppe wanted soccer.playing
Lit.: Foppe wanted playing soccer
b. *Jouke moat griente keapjende
Jouke must vegetables buying
Lit.: Jouke must buying vegetables

Some present participles have been lexicalised. A coherent subclass is the class of verbs denoting a type of movement. These may still be found with the copula of being, but they can also be found with modals:

Example 2

Jouke woe rinnende mar Antsje soe fytsende
Jouke wanted walking but Antsje should cycling.PRESP
Jouke wanted to go on foot, but Antsje planned to come by bicycle

These present participles are also selected by the auxiliaries gean go and komme come.