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The prefix wan- can only quite marginally take verbs as input. Its function is always negative. An example is wanachtsje to disdain (from achtsje to esteem, to respect).

[+]General properties

Quite sporadically, the prefix wan- can take verbal bases. It always has a negative and disapproving function. The relevant cases are these:

Table 1
Base form Derivation
achtsje to esteem, to respect wanachtsje to disdain
kenne to know wankenne to deny
betrouwe to trust wantrouwe to distrust
The formations wanachtsje and wankenne only occur in written Frisian. In wantrouwe we see truncation of the verbal prefix be-.
Other categories as input

The prefix wan- only marginally takes verbs as input. More common are nouns (see wan- with noun as base) and adjectives (wan- with adjective as base).

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