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On the agent argument in nominalized gerundial infinitives

Nominalised infinitives never allow the argument corresponding to the subject in a simple active sentence to be licensed in the verbal domain.


It is not possible to realise the agent in the verbal domain as a Noun Phrase (NP) and the theme in the nominal domain as a Adposition Phrase (PP):

*It jonge bern drinken fan tefolle alkohol muoit my
the young children drink.GI of too.much alcohol saddens me
Lit: That children drinking of too much alcohol makes me sad

This is perhaps not surprising, since embedded infinitives never allow the agent to be realised as an NP:

*It doel fan reklame is om jonge bern alkohol te drinken
the purpose of advertising is for young children alcohol to drink
The purpose of advertising is for young children to drink alcohol
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