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Clause adverbs

Clause adverbs can be used in the syntactic frame that is given below, accompanied by an example.

Syntactic frame: It is ADVERB sa dat CLAUSE.

a. Sybren wurket frjemdernôch yn Brussel
Sybren works strangely.enough in Brussel
Strangely enough, Sybren is working in Brussels
b. It is frjemdernôch sa dat Sybren yn Brussel wurket
It is strangely.enough so that Sybren in Brussels works
Strangely enough, Sybren is working in Brussels

Verb Phrase (VP) adverbs fail this test, as shown below:

a. Sybren wurket fluch
Sybren works fast
Sybren works fast
b. *It is fluch sa dat Sybren wurket
it is fast so that Sybren works
Sybren works fast

Five types of clause adverbs can be semantically distinguished: modalblykber apparently, subjectivealdergeloks fortunately, frequencyaltyd always, timejuster yesterday and emphasiswier really. Positional aspects correspond to a limited extent to this semantic classification.


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