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The three common Afrikaans demonstrative pronouns are hierdie this/these (1a), daardie that/those (1b), and dié this/these/that/those (1c) (De Stadler 1989:138; Kirsner 2014:44; Ponelis 1979:89).

Example 1

a. Volg net hierdie eenvoudige aanwysings om in te skakel.
follow just these simple directions for.COMP in PTCL.INF tune.INF
Just follow these simple directions to tune in.
b. Nou moet ons daardie nasie uitbou.
now must.AUX.MOD we that nation out.build
Now we should expand that nation.
VivA-KPO, adapted
c. Dié ontwikkelaars is gewoonlik munisipaliteite.
these developers be.PR usually municipalities
These developers are usually municipalities.

The first component of the two longer demonstrative pronouns are also used separately as locative adverbs (2a), and in combination with prepositions (2b).

Example 2

a. My oupa se pa is daar gebore.
my grandfather PTCL.GEN dad be.AUX.PASS.PST there born.PASS
My grandfather's father was born there.
b. Die Taalkomitee kyk hierna.
the Language.committee look PN.at
The Language Committee is looking at this.

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