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Secondary stress in words of six syllables

Words of six syllables are very rare in Dutch. The possible patterns are explicated below.

[+]Final stress in words with six syllables

In words with final primary stress, there can be variation with respect to the position of the word-medial secondary stress (as noted by Hoeksema and Van Zonneveld (1984): in the cases under (1a), it is on the fourth syllable, in those under (1b) on the third one.

a. Word-internal secondary stress on the fourth syllable
      conservativiteit [ˌkɔn.zer.va.ˌti.vi.ˈtɛit] conservaism
      Aristoteliaan [ˌa.ris.to.ˌte.li.ˈan] Aristotelian
      compatibiliteit [ˌkɔm.pa.ti.ˌbi.li.ˈtɛit] compatibility
      sentimentaliteit [ˌsɛn.ti.mɛn.ˌta.li.ˈtɛit] sentimentality
b. Word-internal secondary stress on the third syllable
      endocrinologie [ˌɛn.do.ˌkri.no.lo.ˈɣi] endocrinology
      dialektologie [ˌdi.ja.ˌlɛk.to.lo.ˈɣi] dialectology
      cinematografie [ˌsi.nə.ˌma.to.ɣra.ˈfi] cinematography
      paleontologie [ˌpa.le.ˌjɔn.to.lo.ˈɣi] paleontology
[+]Penultimate primary stress in words of six syllables

Words of this length are rather rare; usually they are built in combination with the stress-shifting suffix -gisch [[-ɣis]] or plurals ending in -iën [[-i.jən]]. The resulting words have an alternating stress pattern with secondary stress on the first and on the third syllable.

parasitologisch [ˌpa.ra.ˌsi.to.ˈlo.ɣis] parasitological
paleontologisch [ˌpa.le.ˌjɔn.to.ˈlo.ɣis] paleontological
meteorologisch [ˌme.te.ˌjo.ro.ˈlo.ɣis] meteorological
terminologiën [ˌtɛr.mi.ˌno.lo.ˈɣi.jən] terminologie (PL)
encyclopedieën [ˌɛn.si.ˌklo.pe.ˈdi.jən] encyclopedia (PL)
[+]Antepenultimate primary stress in words of six syllables

Antepenultimate stress in six-syllable words is another very rare stress pattern; it occurs in some words ending in -ium [-i.jʏm] or -ia [-i.ja]. There is one secondary stress preceding the primary stress, and another one on the last syllable.

afrodisiacum [ˌaf.ro.di.ˈzi.ja.ˌkʏm] aphrodisiac
antibiotica [ˌɑn.ti.bi.ˈjo.ti.ˌka] antibiotic (PL)
martyrologium [ˌmɑr.ti.ro.ˈlo.ɣi.ˌjʏm] martyrology
laboratorium [ˌla.bo.ra.ˈto.ri.ˌjʏm] laboratory
instrumentarium [ˌɪn.stry.mɛn.ˈta.ri.ˌjʏm] instruments
  • Hoeksema, J. & Zonneveld, R.M. van1984Een autosegmentele theorie van het Nederlandse woordaccentSpektator13450-472
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