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Long questions and topicalisations

Long questions are only found with bridge verbs. There are three ways of making a long question in Frisian: the single question phrase construction: there is only one question phrase and it is placed in the superordinate clause, the resumptive question phrase construction: a question phrase in the superordinate clause and the same question phrase in the embedded clause and the semi-resumptive question phrase construction: the unmarked question phrase wat what in the superordinate clause and the semantic question phrase in the embedded clause.

Topicalisation is briefly discussed at the end of each of the subsections below.


More details about long questions and topicalisations can be found by following the corresponding links:


More details can be found in Hiemstra (1986).

  • Hiemstra, Inge1986Some aspects of wh-questions in FrisianNowele8 september97-110
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