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Resultative verbs of motion

Transitive verbs of motion such as jeie to drive and ride to drive can be used with a direct object and an Adposition Phrase (PP) predicated of it to form a resultative construction.


The following examples involve transitively used verbs of motion.

a. Winterdeis jaget it spoek riders yn in wek
winter.day drives the ghost skaters in a hole in the ice
In the winter the ghost drives skaters into a hole in the ice
b. Mar in simmertwirre jaget alles útinoar
but a summer.wind drives everything out.each.other
But a flurry of summer wind tears everything apart
c. Hy rydt de auto it hiem ôf
he drives the car the premises off
He drives the car off the premises
d. Hy fytst my efternei
he cycles me behind
He follows me on his bicycle

Non-motional resultatives involve verbs which denote a non-motional result reading. The following examples involve a non-motional resultative, that is the verb in the resultative construction is not a verb of motion:

a. Hy sûpt him yn 'e sûs
he drinks himself in a swoon
He drinks himself into a stupor
b. Hy laket him de lul út 'e broek
he laughs himself the dick out the pants
He laughs himself silly
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