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Degree adverbs provide information about the degree of the situation or event described by the Verb Phrase (VP).


Degree adverbs must be considered VP adverbs on semantic grounds, seeing that they modify the VP, although they fail the test for VP-adverbs:

It stuitet him freeslik tsjin it boarst
it bounces him awfully against the breast
It is terribly distasteful to him

VP adverb test:

*It stuitet him tsjin it boarst en dat docht it freeslik
it bounces him against the breast and that does it awfully
It is terribly distasteful to him

Clausal adverb test:

*It is freeslik sa dat it him tsjin it boarst stuitet
it is awfully so that it him against the breast bounces
Lit: It is terribly so that it is distasteful to him
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