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The existential quantifier referring to places is the R-pronoun earne somewhere. Like other R-pronouns, it may function as a PP or as the prepositional complement to a P.


The form earne somewhere is not often used anymore in spoken language. It has largely been replaced by ergens somewhere, which has been borrowed from Dutch. Written Frisian may still feature the old form. The old form may have a plural-like interpretation in the following example, in which it is preceded by the quantifier oars other, else:

Example 1

a. Se hawwe no wurk yn de yndustry; bgl. de skiphelling of de Volkswagenfabryk te Emden of ek oarsearne: Norden, Aurich, Leer
they have now work in the industry e.g. the shipyard or the Volkswagen.factory at Emden or also else.somewhere Norden Aurich Leer
They now have work in the industry, for example in the shipyard or in the Volkswagen factory at Emden or somewhere else: Norden, Aurich, Leer
b. Hy soe de fyts nimme kinne, of reizgje oars earne hinne mei 't spoar
he would the bike take could or travel other somewhere to with the railroad
He could take the bike or travel by rail somewhere else

The expression is replaced in spoken language by ergens oars somewhere else, which resembles more closely the Dutch equivalent, ergens anders somewhere else.