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Modal verbs

Modal verbs include moatte must, meie may, hoege need, wolle want. They can be used as intransitive copulas.


Modal verbs combine with Adposition Phrases (PPs) in case a motional interpretation is involved:

a. Ik moat by in izeren trep op
I must at an iron stairs up
I must go up an iron staircase
b. Jild moat by jild
money must to money
Money must marry money

They may also express an absentive interpretation, in case they are accompanied by postpositional phrases:

a. Jouke soe nei Medemblik ta
Jouke would to Medemblik to
Jouke was going away to Medemblik
b. De bern wienen dy kant út
the children were that way out
The children had gone that way
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