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Adjectives, together with verbs, nouns and prepositions, constitute one of the four major word classes in the grammar of Afrikaans. This section, dealing with adjectives, includes adjective phrases, which represent a larger structure in which adjectives constitute headwords. It is followed by a section dealing with adpositions and adpositional phrases.

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Adjectives, as one of the four major word classes in the grammar of Afrikaans, form part of a larger structure, adjective phrases, in which they constitute headwords. As such, they may either function independently or combine with other components. The discussion of adjectives (or adjective phrases) wil be presented according to the following topics:

  • a survey of the syntactic, morphological and semantic characteristics of adjectives

  • the grammatical functions of adjectives within sentences

  • combination with other components in clauses

  • the internal structuring of adjectives as a word class

  • the role of adjectives in conveying aspects of meaning

  • various ways in which adjectives can project – complementation, modification and comparison

  • the attributive and predicative use of adjectives

  • the partitive genitive construction

  • the adverbial use of adjectives

  • the adjectival use of participles and infinitives

  • special constructions – adjective collocations, adjectives with verbal functions

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