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As an adjunct specifying an activity to an aspectual verb of body posture

The four verbs of body posture are sitte sit, lizze lie, stean stand and hingje hang. These verbs have aspectual overtones involving durativity. They may be combined with an incorporated to-infinitival clause, as in the following example:

Omdat er op 'e bank lei te tillevyzjesjen
because he on the couch lay to television.see
Because he lay on the couch watching television

Some further examples are given below:

a. Omdat ik siet te briefskriuwen
because I sat to letter.write
Because I sat writing a letter
b. Omdat er stie te ôfwaskjen
because he stood to down.wash
Because he stood there doing the dishes
c. Omdat se oan in trapeze hong te gefaarlik-dwaan
because she to a trapeze hung to dangerous-do
Because she was courting danger, hanging from a trapeze

The construction involves a clause denoting a durative activity based on a body posture, to which an adjunct has been appended denoting an activity.

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