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Modification of Adpositional Phrases

Three types of Adposition Phrases (PPs) are distinguished: prepositional phrases, postpositional phrases and adpositions without complement. Four types of modifiers are distinguished. Modifiers that are Noun Phrases (NPs), modifiers that are adjectives, modifiers that are adverbs and modifiers that are adpositions.

The following example involves a modifier that is realised as an NP, which is bracketed in the example below. This NP modifies a PP:

[Sa'n fjouwer meter] foar har út
such.a four meter for them out
About four meters in front of them

Modifiers can combine with PPs depending on their semantic properties, which are not well understood. The position of the modifier may vary, although it is usually found in front of the PP which it modifies. The modifier may be questioned (extraction of the modifier). The following example involves a prepositional phrase that is modified by an adverb:

[Deun] by de tsjerke
close to the church
Close to the church
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