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Supplementive constructions

Supplementives describe a temporary state that receives a simultaneous or conditional interpretation with respect to what is described in the main clause. Supplementives can be classified depending on whether their structure is bare or full-fledged. The absolute with construction instantiates a full-fledged supplementive: bare supplementive and absolute with-construction.

A bare supplementive consists of an Adjective Phrase (AP) predicated of a Noun Phrase (NP) functioning as subject or direct object:

Gurbe sljurke [ dronken] by de sleatswâl del
Gurbe slid drunk at the ditch.side down
Gurbe slid down the side of the ditch drunk

The absolute with construction contains a complementiser (the preposition with), the argument of the predication (Dost) and the AP predicate:

Mei [Dost siik] kinne se wolris ferlieze
with Dost ill can they just lose
With Dost ill, they might just lose

More details about supplementive constructions can be found by following the corresponding links:

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