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An attribution involves an Adjective Phrase (AP) that is attributed of a noun. The adjective may exhibit agreement with features of the noun. This is shown in the example below:

De grien-e huz-en
the green.PL hous.PL
The green houses

The position and agreement properties of attributive adjectives may differ from those of other prenominal elements such as articles. Attributive adjectives may be accompanied by arguments and modifiers, yielding complex phrases with characteristic linearization and agreement properties. A noun may be omitted following an adjective but also following other prenominal elements. This so-called noun ellipsis may be accompanied by special agreement phenomena. The attributive construction may contain a list of several APs. Such a stacking construction differs from coordination and it exhibits characteristic orderings among the adjectives involved depending on their semantic type. This is shown in the example below:

De grutte griene houten huzen
the big green wooden houses
The big green wooden houses
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