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Numerals are words that indicate numbers and numerical positions. Cardinal numerals such as fjouwer four are used for counting things. Syntactically, they more or less behave like determiners, as in fjouwer fytsen four bicycles. Ordinal numerals such as fjirde fourth are formed from cardinal numbers by means of suffixation; they behave more or less like absolute adjectives. In fractions a combination of a cardinal and an ordinal occurs. Fractions are numerical constructions like 3/4, 5/8, or 3.234, indicating the quotient of two numbers. They are not part of the numerical system - their meaning is often not quite exact - but they do have a quantifying function. Examples in Frisian are trije fjirde three quarters. Quantifiers form the last category of the numerals. Examples are al/alle all, ferskate several, guon some, folle much and in bytsje a little, few.


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