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Medium degree

Medium degree modifiers play the middle field between high degree and low degree modifiers. Some examples include betreklik relatively, taamlik quite and redelik reasonably:

Dit is vandag betreklik stil.
it be.PRS today relatively quiet
Today it is relatively quiet.
Toestande is taamlik gunstig.
conditions be.PRS quite favourable
Conditions are quite favourable.
Die kragnetwerk is redelik onstabiel.
the power grid be.PRS reasonably unstable
The power grid is reasonably unstable.

While medium degree modifiers can be ranked as intermediate between high degree and low degree modifiers, and are expressed by means of adverbs, such as betreklik relatively and redelik reasonably, they may consist of multi-word adverbial phrases, as in tot op sekere hoogte to a certain degree and in 'n mate to some extent. While such adverbs and multi-word adverbial phrases are often, and in some cases mostly, used to determine predicates, as in the following examples

Dit lyk nie of hulle besoek enigsins geslaag het nie.
it seems not if their visit at.all succeeded have.AUX PTCL.NEG
It does not seem as if their visit has had any success at all.
Gelyke toegang kan dié ongelykhede tot op sekere hoogte oorkom.
equal access can.AUX.MOD these inequalities to a certain degree overcome
Equal access can overcome these inequalities to a certain degree.
dat hy sy ewewig in 'n mate terugkry
that he his balance to some extent back.find
that he recovers his balance to some extent

such modifiers may also arguably determine adjectives, as in:

Hy is in 'n mate teleurgesteld daarmee.
he be.PRS in a measure disappointed therewith
He is, to a certain extent, disappointed with it.

Medium degree modifiers such as heelwat a good deal and aansienlik substantial cannot always be clearly distinguished from high degree modifiers, which suggests that their meaning in concrete instances of language use is in part pragmatically determined.

Sy simbole het heelwat /aansienlik gedaal.
his symbols have.AUX a good deal / substantially dropped
His symbols dropped significantly.

Furthermore, such modifiers, when not used as quantifiers, mostly occur in comparative constructions:

Hy is heelwat / aansienlik ryker as sy ouers.
he be.PRS plenty substantially richer PTCL.SIMT his parents
He is a good deal / substantially richer than his parents.
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