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The partitive adjective

The partitive adjective in the definite partitive construction is in some respects different from its counterpart in the indefinite partitive construction. The differences involved are the following:

The inflection is normally -s, but -e can also be found, whereas -e is never found in the indefinite partitive adjective construction.

Only subjectively evaluating adjectives like moai beautiful, ûnsjoch ugly are allowed (see semantic type).

Oars other, else only allows the -e inflection in the definite partitive adjective construction.The adjective may be premodified in the definite partitive construction, indicating that the definite partitive construction is not a purely lexical phenomenon:

Al dat útsûnderlik moai-s
all that exceptionally beautiful.PA
All that exceptionally beautifull stuff

More details about he partitive adjective can be found by following the corresponding links:

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