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The three remaining key constructions

In the predicative, partitive and adverbial constructions, the past participle assigns the same thematic role as the one an active verb assigns to its direct object in a sentence in the active voice.


The construction in which the past participle occurs does not affect the choice of thematic role that is externally assigned by it. A past participle assign exactly the same thematic role in the attributive construction as in the other key constructions, in sofar as it may occur in other constructions. Past participles are ungrammatical within the partitive construction. Nevertheless, the interpretation of past participles is such that they assign the same thematic role in the partitive construction as in the predicative and attributive constructions. Adverbials assign to the sentence they modify the same thematic role as in attributive, predicative and partitive constructions. In the example below, the participle sein said assigns the direct object thematic role to the sentence which it modifies:

Dêr sit ik earlik sein wat mei
there sit I honest said somewhat with
To be honest, I have reached the stage where I do not know what to do with it
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