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This section has reviewed a number of classifications of main verbs: Section 1.2.2 mainly focused on the syntactic tradition and provided a classification on the basis of the number and the types of nominal arguments that verbs take; Section 1.2.3 focused on the semantic (or, rather, the philosophical) tradition and provided a classification of main verbs/events on the basis of their aspectual properties. Given that language involves pairing of form and meaning, it seems to be preferred that the classifications that arose from these traditions be linked. For this reason, we took two specific proposals that we found promising and showed that, to a certain extent, linking is indeed possible. Given the current state of the art, we were only able to illustrate this on the basis of a number of prototypical representatives of the respective verb classes, and future research is needed to determine whether this is more generally possible. For a more exhaustive discussion of the syntactic classification of main verbs, which will also include an extensive discussion of non-nominal arguments, we refer the reader to Chapter 2.

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