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2.6.4 Possessive pronouns

The singular possessive determiners min/mien, din/dien and sin/sien agree with their head nouns for gender and number. That is: min, sin, din with masculine singular nouns, and mien, sien, dien with all other nouns. For instance: min Mon ‘my husband’, mien Moanske ‘my wife’, mien Bäidene ‘my children’.

The forms uus, jou and hiere are indeclinable, although speakers outside Ramsloh often decline them, e.g. iere Mon ‘her husband’, ier Huus ‘her house’ in Utende, and miene, diene or uze Seelter Sprake ‘my, you, our Saterland Frisian language’ in Scharrel.

Table 1
min, mien_ ‘my’
din, dien ‘your’
sin, sien ‘his’
hiere ‘her’
- -
uus ‘our’
jou ‘your (pl.)’, ‘your (rev.)’
hiere ‘their’

The words uzen ‘our family, parents’ and jouwen ‘your family, parents’ and hierens ‘their family, parents’ are independent lexical items rather than inflected possessive pronouns.

Tuunsdai häbe uzen gouldene Hochtied. ‘Thursday our parents will celerbrate their golden wedding.’
Inne Sumer wieren Tina un Anna gans oafter allenich in Huus. Hierens wieren ap ‘t Lound tou äkkerjen. ‘In the summer Tina and Anna were home alone. Their family were working in the fields.’

The pronouns minnen (m.), mienen(f., n., pl.) ‘mine’, dinnen(m.), dienen (f., n., pl.) ‘yours’, sinnen (m.), sienen(f., n., pl.) ‘his’, hierens‘hers’, uzen‘ours’, jouens ‘yours’ and hierens ‘theirs’ are used predicatively: die Disk is minnen ‘the table is mine’, ju Laampe is dienen ‘the lamp is yours’.

Älk sienen, dan hät die Düwel niks. ‘To each his own, and the devil has got nothing.’

These pronouns can be combined with topic NPs or proper names.

In ‘t algemeen gliek an LeCoq sienen. ‘In general identical to (cartographer) Lecoq’s (i.e. maps).’

The same idea is expressed by die (etc.) fon in a text by Gretchen Grosser (possibly influenced by German):

Dät jo ful flugger wieren as do fon Pestoor’s Möie. ‘That they were much more beautiful than <cf. the vicar’s aunt’s (i.e. fowers).’
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