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Adjective as base

Suffixation to derive verbs from adjectives is relatively rare. Four suffixes are involved. They primarily have a transpositional function, i.e. they change the word class. The suffixes -ig and -k are uncommon; some examples are fêst fixed > fêstigje to settle and blier happy > blierkje to look happy. The suffix -ear is more active, be it that it is mainly restricted to non-native bases. An example is aktivearje to activate, derived from the adjective aktyf active.

The suffix -jei is special in that it is a grammaticalization from the verb jeie to hunt; to rush. Hence. it is rather a suffixoid. Its derivations likewise denote "wild" activities or events, and also the adjectival base should have a corresponding meaning. An example is gek crazy > gekjeie to poke fun (at).


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