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Absolute with-construction

The absolute with-construction contains a complementiser (the preposition with), the argument of the predication (Huntelaar) and the Adposition Phrase (PP) predicate:

Mei Huntelaar yn topfoarm kinne se wolris winne
with Huntelaar in great.shape can they just win
With Huntelaar in great shape, they might just win

The predicate of the absolute with-construction may under certain circumstances also be an Adjective Phrase (AP), see absolute with-construction.


The following examples involve an absolute with-construction with a PP predicate:

a. Mei in raar gefoel yn myn knibbels en yn myn mage hong ik tsjin it oanrjocht oan
with a strange feeling in my knees and in my stomach hung I against the kitchen.sink to
With a strange feeling in my knees and in my stomach, I was hanging against the kitchen sink
b. Mei it teebustuorke fan Wûns al gau foar him, gyng Salverda mei lange stappen oer it paad
with the tea.caddy.tower of Wûns DcP soon in.front.of him went Salverda with long strides along the path
With the tea caddy tower of Wûns quite soon ahead of him, Salverda went along the path with long strides

The latter example also shows that the absolute with-construction may contain adverbials that usually occur in clauses such as al gau already soon. Adverbs like hommels suddenly can also occur in this construction:

Mei hommels it teebustuorke fan Wûns foar him
with suddenly the tea.caddy.tower of Wûns in.front.of him
With suddenly the tea caddy tower of Wûns in front of him

The following example shows that the PP predicate of this construction need not contain an overt argument:

Mei Gaatske tichteby socht er altyd leaver in oar hinnekommen
with Gaatske close.by chose he always rather an other place.to.stay
With Gaatske around, he preferred to choose another place to stay

The following example shows that an absolute with-construction can be an independent utterance:

O, gottegod. Mei de dronken kop achter de gaspitten ... Sst
O lordilord with the drunk head behind the gas.jets hush
O dear lord, with you drunk behind the gas jets ... Hush
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