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Intransitive and unaccusative prepositional object verbs

Intransitive and unaccusative prepositional object verbs have a nominal subject phrase and a single preposition object phrase as its second argument. They differ in the role of the subject: an external argument that is the agent or force effecting the activity of the verb in the case of intransitive verbs, as opposed to an internal argument that is affected by the activity of the verb in the case of unaccusative verbs. This difference does not have an effect on how these two classes of verbs combine with prepositional objects, however. The combination of verb and preposition is usually fixed, and does not allow for much variation.

[+]Fixed verb and preposition combinations

Ponelis (1979:217) provides the following list of fixed combinations of verbs and prepositions for intransitive and unaccusative verbs.

Table 1
Preposition Verbs Translation
aan on dink, grens, twyfel, wanhoop to think of, to border on, to doubt, to despair of
by at aanpas, aansluit, afsteek, sweer to adjust to, to tie in with, to compare poorly with, to swear by
in in berus, deel to rest in, to share in
met with afreken, akkordeer, beraadslaag, dweep, korrespondeer to deal with, to accord with, to deliberate with, to gush about, to correspond with
na to hunker, ruik, soek, streef to yearn for, to smell of, to seek for, to strive after
om for bid, roep, smeek to pray for, to call for, to beg for
op on aandring, afkom, spioneer to insist on, to come upon, to spy on
oor about/over beskik, kla, treur to have at one's disposal, to complain about, to mourn
teen against appelleer, indruis, waak to appeal against, to clash with, to guard against
tot till/to behoort, dien to belong to, to serve to
uit out.of/from bestaan, voortvloei to consist of, to follow from
van from afhang, afstam, hou to depend on, to stem from, to like
vir for sorg, walg to care for, to be disgusted by

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