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This chapter will show that participles and modal infinitives can often be used in the same syntactic environments as adjectives. The examples in (1), for instance, show that these elements can be used in prenominal attributive position. The fact that this position is normally restricted to adjectival phrases strongly suggests that these elements are adjectival in function.

a. de gekuste jongen
past/passive participle
  the  kissed  boy
b. de vechtende jongen
present participle
  the  fighting  boy
c. de te lezen boeken
modal infinitive
  the  to read  books
  'the books that must be read'

The discussion is organized as follows. After a general discussion in Section 9.1, the attributive and predicative uses of the elements in (1) are discussed in more detail in Sections 9.2 and 9.3. Section 9.4 continues with their adverbial use. Section 9.5 concludes with some remarks on the modification of adjectivally used participles and deverbal adjectives.

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