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3.4. Bibliographical notes

For general descriptions of Dutch relative constructions the reader is referred to, among others, Haeseryn et al. (1997: 856-862), Van den Toorn (1981: 139ff.), Luif (1986: 80ff.), Van Bart et al. (1998: 175ff.) and Klooster (2001: 229ff.). For a detailed description and analysis of relative constructions in Germanic and Romance languages (including Dutch), see Smits (1989). De Vries (2002) is a typological study into the syntax of relativization in a large number of languages, including Dutch. On the distinction between restrictive and non-restrictive (his appositive) relative clauses, see De Vries (2002: 181ff.). For a discussion of the so-called free relatives, see Van Riemsdijk (2006). On the extraposition of relative clauses, see De Vries (2002: Ch. 7) and Kayne (1994). For an empirical study of the role of pragmatic, semantic and syntactic factors in the processing and interpretation of relative clauses, see Mak (2001). For a discussion of R-pronominalization and the use of postpositions, the reader is referred to Van Riemsdijk (1978).

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