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3.3. Postmodification

This section discusses postmodification of nouns. Postmodifiers of nouns normally take the form of an adpositional phrase or a clause. The adpositional modifiers will be discussed in Section 3.3.1. Clausal postmodifiers come in different sorts, but mostly in the form of a finite relative clause or an infinitival construction, which are discussed in 3.3.2 and 3.3.3, respectively. Section 3.3.4 will discuss a special case of postmodification involving restrictive postmodifiers of content nouns, which in a sense can be considered the counterpart of the complement clauses of these nouns discussed in Section 2.3. Sections 3.3.5 and 3.3.6 conclude with a discussion of the use of adjectival and adverbial phrases as postmodifiers.

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