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7.5. Bibliographical notes

The term partitive genitive is also (and probably more appropriately) used for archaic constructions such as één mijner tantes'one of my aunts', in which the noun phrase following the numeral has genitive case, as well as their present-day counterpart één van mijn tantes. Cases like these are not discussed here but in N4.1.1.6 as partitive constructions. This chapter is mainly based on Kester (1996), who also gives an overview of a number of theoretical proposals concerning the adjectival construction, and Broekhuis and Strang (1996). More data can be found in, e.g., Haeseryn et al. (1997:863-4), Paardekooper (1986:689ff.), Hulk & Verheugd (1992), De Haas & Trommelen (1993:288), Hoeksema (1998), Schoorlemmer (2005) and Booij (2010:ch.9).

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