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2.6. Bibliographical notes

In the literature, relatively little attention has been paid to complementation of adpositional phrases. The generally accepted claim that clauses and PPs cannot appear as complements of adpositional phrases was formalized as Stowellʼs (1981) Case Resistance Principle, but we have seen in this chapter that there are a number of exceptions to this claim; see Hoekstra (1984a/1984b). The absolute met-construction has received ample attention and we refer the reader to Paardekooper (1977/1986), Reuland (1978), Van Riemsdijk (1978), Klein (1983), Everaert (1986), Beukema & Hoekstra (1983/1984), Hoekstra (1984a), Van der Lubbe (1985) and Smits & Vat (1985) for more detailed discussions.

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