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This chapter discusses complementation of the noun. Section 2.1 will start with the discussion of a number of general observations, which will play a crucial role in the more extensive discussion of complementation in the remainder of this chapter. Section 2.2 will continue by discussing in more detail non-clausal complements, that is, PP- and NP-complements, including NP-complements that appear in determiner position as a genitive noun phrase or possessive pronoun. Section 2.3 concludes with a discussion of clausal complements. Obviously, any discussion based on a distinction between complements and modifiers will have to provide the means to distinguish between the two groups. Section 2.2.1 therefore describes a number of syntactic tests to distinguish between PP-complements and PP-modifiers within the noun phrase. Section 2.3.3 will discuss the difference between clausal complements and modifiers within the NP.

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