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Selection for animacy and case

Some adjectives take a complement of the category NP. The complement NP may be animate, as in homhim in the first example below, or inanimate, as in sulke optredesuch action in the second example below:

Example 1

Sy is hom dankbaar daarvoor.
she is him grateful R.for
She is grateful to him for it.
Example 2

Ons is nie sulke optrede gewoond nie.
we are not such action used not
We are not used to such action,

    A relatively small set of adjectives in Afrikaans combine with NPs as a complement. Some examples represent collocations which represent fixed expressions, as in

    Example 3

    Hy het die pad/spoor heeltemal byster geraak.
    he has the road/track completely confused become
    He completely lost his way.
    Example 4

    Hy is sy varkies kwyt.
    he is his piglets lost
    He has lost his marbles.

    In addition to the use of such collocations in fixed expressions, the NP complement is often extended to more specific referents, as in

    Example 5

    Die vragmotor het die N2 byster geraak.
    the truck has the N2 lost become
    The truck left the N2 (freeway).
    Example 6

    Sy is haar werk kwyt.
    she is her work lost
    She has lost her job.
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