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Adjectives may take a complement of the category PP as shown in the example below:

Example 1

Martie is dol oor haar geskenk.
Martie is crazy about her gift
Martie is crazy about her gift.

They may also take a complement of the category NP, as shown in the examples below:

Example 2

Flip is Frans magtig.
Flip is French potent
Flip has mastered French.
Example 3

Hy is nie die titel (van) president waardig nie.
he is not the title president worthy
He is not worthy of the title president.

Placement of a complement PP to the left or right of the adjective depends in part on the quantificational nature of the prepositional complement, as is explained in the topics referred to below.

Adjectives which appear to be derived from participles are called pseudo-participles. They may behave differently from ordinary adjectives with respect to the ordering of their complement. Adjectives which are derived from verbs (deverbal adjectives) may also show different ordering with respect to their complement.

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