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Evaluator argument

The tetoo construction can license a human argument, as in the example below:

Example 1

Hy is my te benaud
he is me too timid
Het is too timid to my taste

The tetoo construction can license a human argument designating the person who determines the high degree limit by way of subjective evaluation. We will refer to this argument as the evaluator, it tends to be a first person pronoun. Examples of this constructions are shown below:

Example 2

a. Hy is my te benaud
he is me too timid
Het is too timid to my taste
b. Se binne him te djoer
they are him too expensive
They are too expensive to his taste

An evaluator argument is incompatible with a full infinitival clause, perhaps because both the evaluator argument and the adjectival person argument (realized as subject in the sentence below) require coreference with the subject of the infinitival:

Example 3

*Hy is my te benaud om Frysk te praten
he is me too timid for Frisian to talk
I believe is is too timid to speak Frisian

An evaluator argument is compatible, however, with an infinitival clause containing an object gap. In the example below, the evaluator my is coreferential with the implied subject of the infinitival and the adjective's person argument sy is coreferential with the prepositioned object gap:

Example 4

Sy is my te jong om mei te praten
she is me too young for with to talk
I believe she is too young to talk with

The evaluator may form a constituent with the degree phrase:

Example 5

a. My te jong is se net
me too young is she not
She does not seem too young to / for me
b. It my te jonge famke
the me too young girl
The girl that seems too young to / for me
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